How to Make the Most of Your Spray Tan

So let’s face it…gone are the days of laying in a tanning bed day after day to achieve that sun kissed glow. Everyone knows how terrible the sun can be and how it can permanently damage your skin. There’s simply nothing fun about potential skin cancer.

Spray tanning is easily the best way to get a tan without risking the damage…..BUT no one wants to look like an orange freak either. How then can you get a spray tan and avoid looking like you just got a spray tan?

My local salon has the machine called the Versa Spa Pro. This machine gives you a coat of primer, then color, then moisturizer. I’ve basically tried them all, and I’ve found that if you can find a salon with this machine, that’s your best bet. Click here to find a salon near you with this machine. (This post is in no way sponsored, this is just my personal opinion after trial and error).

Of course you want to follow the directions that the salon tells you. Most salons even post the directions in the tanning room. However, there are a few tips and tricks the salons don’t tell you that will make a huge difference in your tan:

  • Shower before, but don’t use lotion

I always shower right before I go to spray tan. This way I know I don’t have on any makeup and my skin is clean. Usually after I shower and dry off, I use lotion. If you’re going to spray tan, don’t use lotion. Using any type of moisturizer can cause the spray tan to rub off easier.

  • Use barrier cream for your belly button

Weird, I know, but just do it. Use a little bit of barrier cream right into your belly button. This will help to make sure your belly button doesn’t look “crusty” or get built up spray tan in it. Again, I know it’s weird but just do it.

  • Wait a full day before showering

The salons will tell you that you can get wet after 6 to 8 hours, however, I have found that waiting until the next day to shower gives your tan plenty of time to develop.

  • Use lotion

Once your tan is dry and you have showered, it is important to stay moisturized. This will ensure your tan stays glowing and fades evenly. Usually the salons will tell you to moisturize, but the key is using lotion as soon as you get out of the shower, so your pores are open. Also, using moisturizer morning AND night is important, as once a day may not be enough.

Of course, there are more tips and tricks out there, but these are the ones that have proven most successful to me. Remember, any spray tan is better than laying in a tanning bed!!!



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